The Whimsical Land: Cappadocia

If there is a country which felt like home to me after my first visit, it sure is Turkey. My first visit was in 2015, and it leaves a lasting impression with me. And, when another chance to visit arise, how can I resist. Although many would start in Istanbul, for us it was Cappadocia.

We arrived in Cappadocia by flight to Nevsehir airport and was then picked up by a hotel shuttle (which will pick a bunch of us and drop each & everyone to our designated hotel). The price is best compare to taking a cab. Although a cab meaning you’ll get faster to your hotel. But, no need when you get to savor the magical scenery, which is even great at night. After around 40 minutes, we finally got to our hotel, Cappadocia Cave Land Hotel, and was welcomed by the warm hosts, Ibo & Memo. The hotel is rather small but very cozy, and is made with the “cave” structures that are in abundance in the town. The room is quite on the large size, with 2 single beds & a bathroom. And it is equipped with all the amenities we need. On one side, it has a large window overlooking the town & at dusk, we can even watch the hot air balloons which is a big PLUS.

After taking our rest, we got ready for our Tour the next morning. And obviously, like any other hotels in Turkey, the breakfast was amazing. There are 2 types of tour offered in Cappadocia, which is the same with different tour agency. The Red & Green Tour. We took the Red one, and got picked up around 9.30 am. The tour started off in Uchisar, the highest point in all of Cappadocia. The rock formations was once used as castles which is very impressive. And also, we got the best view of the city. Then, we continued to the Goreme Air Museum. It was once a monastery and churches. Most are still well preserved and have amazing frescos. Next is Love Valley, that have a panoramic view of the fairy chimneys & Red Valley.

After those places, we had a quick stop for lunch in one of the buffet restaurant which is basically for tourists. Then, we’re off to the carpet factory & ceramics place. I guess it’s like a must visit in Turkey, because I also experienced it in other cities as well. Don’t get me wrong, they produce great quality products & they never forced us to buy. Which is always a good thing.

Next one is Pasha’s Vineyard. Where we finally got up close to the Fairy Chimneys. The rock formations is really amazing and beyond words. We were in total awed being vis-à-vis with them, and took literally millions of years in the making. It is also said that a hermit used to live there. Afterwards, Devrent Valley or Imagination Valley. The rock formations is so out of this world. It has rock formations which take the shape of camels, ball gown, even Napoleon’s hat. Last but not least, the Three Beauties, another rock formations which resembles an army trying to catch a fleeing princess with her husband & baby.

The overall tour was great, but Cappadocia is very dry. So, need to bring tons of water. And if you’re not used to having late lunch, pack some snacks with you or have a big breakfast. It costs less than 50euro per person, which includes all the entrance ticket, lunch (except drinks), and pick up & drop off.

As for story about the town, I will get back to you 🙂

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