Shopping & Bangkok

Bangkok has become one of the major shopping destination in South East Asia. Whenever I’m there, I couldn’t resist to shop for knick-knacks and beyond. How can I not? Where ever I look, there are bound to be shops, street carts, and well you guessed it, shopping malls. It is definitely not a bad thing, and you can find literally everything in Bangkok.

My favorite place to visit during the weekend is Chatuchak Market. It is once known as a central market for wholesalers & traders, now it is one of the landmarks to be visited by tourist & locals. During my last trip to Bangkok, since I didn’t stay in the city center, I opted to take a taxi. But, if you happen to have a BTS near you, you can take one of them and go to Mo Chit station & follow the #1 exit. Just follow the road (and crowds, of course), and you will get yourself in front of the market entrance. Don’t expect a huge gate or anything like that. The entrance is quite small but you will noticed it immediately.


Just giving you a heads up, the market is divided into 27 sections. Which most of the sections are dedicated to food, clothes, and ceramics/home decor. It is very easy to maneuver, but if you want to go to the same shop twice; I suggest that you take their biz card or note down the section and shop number.

So, what do I love the most about this market? First thing is that they have tons of traditional local foods that I can try out. The price is on the low side but you can definitely get good quality food there. Another thing is that I loveeee to buy home decors & vintage posters. And there are so many shops available. Also don’t be afraid to bargain, bargain, bargain. Because they can start with a very high price, but if you dare to bargain, you will probably only need to pay 1/2 of the first price that they told you in the beginning.


For you who likes a more edgier stuffs, you can also head here. Many young Thai designers starts their business here. Many incorporating traditional & modern fabric or design to create one of a kind pieces. Although they will sell bags/shirts in fixed prices, it is still relatively lower than the ones that you would get in the malls.

The market actually opens early at 9am on the weekends, but it also opens at 6pm on fridays. Because the area is so big, be sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes. Sneakers is mostly recommended. And don’t forget to bring a small towel or even a handy electric fan. It could get hot in there.


After a long day of shopping, I always get a few doses of sweets. You know, to refresh myself 🙂 .. I would definitely starts off with a huge bowl of Shaved Ice with crazy toppings (fruit, grass jelly, coconut milk, etc). After that, a plate of Mango Sticky Rice which I craved all the time in Bangkok. If you’re hungry in between shopping, grab yourself a portion of quail eggs cooked sunny side up.


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