A March To The Ruin

A trip in Budapest is never complete without leaving your trail in the ruins. A ruin pub (romkocsma) usually take place in an abandoned building. Many are located through out the city. But the in Pest is among the best in the word. Our favorite is the Szimpla Kert which we found in Kazinczy utca.

This darling pub with its plastic curtain door started to serve their customers in 2001. Back then, it was still the early age of the ruin pub trend. They became so popular that they need to find a bigger place. Although they have found a new home, nothing seemed to change. So, unlike any other pub that we have visited during our travels, this one is simply one of a kind.

Once we entered the place, we were charmed with its mismatched decor. The atmosphere felt very cozy and warm. The building is divided into 2 areas; indoor & outdoor. The pub itself is in the front and at the back there are some seating area. The place is filled with vintage pieces that they have refurbished and there’s even a used-trabant that doubles as a chair.

During the weekend, Szimpla opens early and is also a farmers market. People from all over the city and the surrounding area offer just about anything we can think off. The stalls sure make our mouth water. How can it not. They have cheese, home-made apple chips & caramelized pecan, honey, truffle butter, and jam. Me and my LeSac fellow (Primarita) just couldn’t restrain ourselves from trying everything on the tables. And most definitely buy everything that we can stuffed to our bags.

After all that is done, both of us were on the lookout for something heavier. And at the far end of the outdoor area, we encountered people selling vegetable ragu over rice. The smells was so “arousing”, we queue straight away to give it a try. The ragu was just perfect and served with a balanced quantity of veggies and sauce. The taste is a bit tangy with a just a hint of sweetness. Making it perfect to munch with some rice. And to our surprised, the profit of the sales will go to a children’s foundation. Which make our meal much sweeter.

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