bohemian winter

I guess living in the tropics actually made us have an enormous craving for the cold weather. A bunch of us at Le Sac HQ are those who are diagnosed with Chionophile according to a few people. Our anticipation grew as we waited and waited for the end of the year to come. We kept glaring to our weather widget every time we turned on our laptop. We hoped for that tiny signs of flurries and snow and for the temperature hits below 0. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but that’s all that we can do before actually departing on a crazy Monday at the end of December 2014.

And the journey starts, after a long night when we couldn’t fell asleep so ready to hop on the plane. But nothing is that simple. Our flight was delayed due to thunder storms and we arrived late in Amsterdam. We ran thru Schipol already in our winter gear while praying that we can make it to the next gate on time. And yes we did 🙂 We then took a short haul flight to Prague. Upon arrival we were welcome with a layer of snow, everything is covered. For us, the weather was so perfect. You know that kind of freezing weather that we have been longing for.

Just look at the view. Ain’t it pretty? Of course this also means that some silly things will occurred. OK let me elaborate. We the Le Sac bunch are prone to falling. Like falling when walking when nothing is in sight. So we ended up being hand in hand during the whole trip. A lot of screaming was involved and an incident did occur (not on the first day of course, but a lot later in the trip). OK, after a short taxi ride we arrived at this apartment that we are staying. It is located in a quiet neighborhood of Letenske Namesti. After we dropped our bags, we make our way to Letenske Sady (Letna Park). The view was amazing. Snow everywhere and the scenery was all grey. Just like we like it.

Letenske Sady

A few people walk around the park carrying groceries. Playgrounds were a bit deserted because of the snow. But that didn’t bring us down. We still love this quiet park and would be a great setting to jog on a sunnier day. We then walk down the stairs of the hill and went straight to the Christmas Market which are open from November to January.

Angel & Snow Balls
Christmas Market in Old Town

The Christmas Market was packed with locals and tourists. People are lining up to get their hands on some mulled wine and Trdlo (funnel cake). And the aroma of roasted chestnut filled the entire square. What a great way to start our 1st day in Prague.

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