Another Ride Up!

One of the things that we love here in Le Sac Perdu HQ is taking a ride on a funicular. Why is that? I guess the answer would be Why Not 🙂 And that is exactly what happened during my petit voyage in Penang just a while back. I simply could not resist when one of the top things to do is riding up a train. Also, I got a complimentary tour during my first day in Penang. how lucky am I, right?

A bit of an intro about Penang first is a must I supposed. So here it goes. Penang is an island located in Malaysia. People from Asia actually consider Penang to be the IT place for getting medical treatment. It shows when I was traveling around the island and everywhere I looked I can see top rated hospitals. But, Penang also has it own charm to be visited as a touristy place. One of the must go sites in Penang is Georgetown. An old town area that is part of a UNESCO heritage site. Fortunately, my hotel is located there and it’s just ah-mazing.

Back to the funicular! I got my chaffeur driven car to take me there. The ride is around 20 minutes without traffic from Georgetown. I arrived in a somewhat residential area with a cul-de-sac. On the end of the road, I found the Bukit Bendera station. OK, so if you wanna go there you can simply take the bus or taxi and they definitely know where you are going. It’s quite simple as well. The fares are also low and they are reliable. Just a tip; if you’re planning for a trip around Penang, you can rent a taxi for a low price counted by the hour.

Oops, sorry! Now, focusing my way to the story. The station is actually one of the oldest colonial train station build in Malaysia. It first opened its door in 1923 and got totally renovated into a more modern look in 2011. The station was  not the only thing that got a new look. The rails and the trains were also updated and somehow it reminds me of riding a funicular in Europe 🙂 Right now, there are 4 trains operated daily and it cost around RM30 per person for a round trip.




The Penang Hill has an elevation of 833 meters above sea levels. So, beware for those who are afraid of heights. Better sit down during the ride. Another option is to trek your way up. But the weather is humid so you will need to hydrate well on those trails.

OK after a few stops, I finally arrived on the top. I was in awe. The view was not only amazing, but it’s like I was transported from Penang. Everywhere is green with a touch of color from the blooms. It was so relaxing. And the weather was great too because it’s a few degrees cooler compare to the city.

For those of you who loves to eat (just like me :)) Penang hill is also the place to go. Get yourself a table at David Brown’s at Strawberry Hill for a taste of colonial British food and tea. What’s not to love about it, right? I got myself my tea and pastry fix and I can forget all about that tiring plane trip I had in the morning.

Welcome to Penang Hill
Welcome to Penang Hill


a view from the top
a view from the top


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