A Chilly Ride To The Top

Not so long ago, I had the opportunity to join a trip to Norway in the middle of winter. During this trip, I managed to go to several cities including Oslo, Stavanger, Hardanger, and Bergen. Bergen stuck with me the most. It has a very old town vibe with all of the boat houses and many old buildings. Although it is great to visit in the summer, the winter gives it a much more magical feel to the city. Bergen is also a great place for tourist, as one can wander easily on foot.

In the center of the city, I spotted a Fisketorget (fish market) housed in the same building as the Norwegian Seafood Center. The market is one of the most visited place in Bergen. It has become a landmark for the city, taking place by the famous Bergen Harbour. The market itself looks unlike any common fish market I have ever seen. The building itself is modern and on the top floor is the seafood center which can be used as a place for learning about Norwegian Seafood for locals and tourists.

During my chilly trip there, I wandered with my friend to the other side of the city center. I found myself in front of a building named Fløibanen. It was packed with families and got me curious. And as I peek around, the place is a funicular station which will take one up to the peak of the mountain. I guess it is a no brainer for me to catch the train ride since a city is always best viewed from a height.

The trip itself does not take very long. And the train is available every 15 minutes with a few stops for local residents to get to their homes. It took me up to the top of mount Fløyen and the view was amazing. If it is not foggy like when I was there, I am able to view the Harbour, the fjords, and also some small islands from the newly build viewing deck. During snowy days, the deck is covered with snow, so prepare yourself.

For you with a much more adventurous heart, trek your way down and get more from Norway’s nature. There are 10 possible routes suggested but one must do it with cautions due to quick weather change happens a lot in Bergen.

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