To Get Lost, and To Be Found

Getting lost. Could it be this addictive?


I did get lost on my trip to Sempu Island, East Java.
It was not an easy place to reach. You had to take a boat ride to reach the island around 20 minutes from Sendang Biru beach.


It involved walking through a muddy land for 2 hours as well.
You better wear proper hiking shoes or get a rental from Sempu Island management. Don’t you ever dare to wear slippers or flip flops unless you’re ready to go in barefeet. The mud was thick and sticky practically tend to suck everything you’re wearing. And it was worst on rainy season.


There are some alternative hiking path to reach the camp site. So I got confused at some other times but it was not a big problem if you met other groups of visitor on the way.

But then just when I almost reach the destination, I accidentally (of course) took the wrong path and end up walking to some bushes. But I could hear the sound of the waves getting closer. I kept walking .. and walking.. and I met this in front of my very eyes.


Yep, I got lost but apparently this, was even better than what I have in mind about Sempu Island if I search it from Google.


For a moment I don’t give a sh*t about where the h*ll I was or if I got lost. I was soaking up in the sun, rolling around on the beach and lying down in the sand.


It’s the fear of not knowing where the path might lead you.
It’s the endurance of strength when you haven’t seen any sign of your destination.
It’s the wisdom  to determine whatever road that you’re choosing right now.
It is the dissappointment when what you’re hoping for didn’t meet your expectation.
It is the peace of mind when you finally accept the fact that you’re lost.
It is the courage to restart and believe that the best is yet to come.


Most of all, it is the joy and exhilaration when you are found. Safe and Sound. At the arms of the right person at the right time.

PS. If you ever curious how I finally managed to find my way out after i got lost, here, I’ll tell you.
My porter suddenly found me, just right after I finished enjoying the beauty of nature in front of me, just when I didn’t expect to be found, just when I was ready to stand up and find my own way back. Then he found me.

He found me.

He even showed me the way to 2 other beautiful spots around the island.

Kembar Dua beach

Padang Panjang beach

So I guess life could save you a little surprise if you’re willing to let it loose once in a while.

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