Return to Innocence

Going to South Africa and doing some safari into the wildlife has always been one of my top bucket list. And guess what?? Ta-daaaa!!


Nope. Unfortunately this time it didn’t work out like Switzerland. (Or maybe I prefer to use the terms “haven’t”. Let’s try to keep the dreams alive and stay positive, right?). This one is called Baluran National Park, a little taste of Africa in East Java.


Located in Situbondo, near Banyuwangi, you could reach this place by car. It took approximately 8 hours driving from Surabaya.


There were better times to visit Baluran when the grass seems like painted in gold in April. But since I went there in December when rainy days, therefore the result was a lot greener. Still I don’t mind.


So I drove into the gate of the National park and met some cute and pretty fellows along the way.




If you kept going to the north, you would find Bama Beach. There was also mangrove site that probably worth visit if you are into the nature type of person.




If i could add any soundtrack to bring this writing back to life, I would like to choose Enigma’s song, “The Return to Innocence”.


Because I can not put up with any amount of bullsh*t right now. So I would like to close my eyes, cover my ears, and clear my mind from anything that brings me down. Stay focus on the good things in your life and filter what you need to hear, then you’re on your way to return to innocence.

Once you’ve reach the destination you’ll be running around wild and free.

Are you with me?


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