Hidden Gem of Java

I actually never consider myself as a hiking lover. Considering the type of travelling I’ve done so far always involving pretty shoes n trendy clothes for the sake of documentation. But sometimes the urgency n curiousity to explore hidden paradise gives you the biggest strength n motivation to do something that you’ve never done before.

After approximately1 hour and 10 minutes flight to Surabaya, 3 to 4 hours driving to Ranupane village, and 5 hours of long walk and hiking including climbing on some certain spots (of course this time I was wearing hiking shoes and backpacks, no fancy stuff), I would like you to meet:
Ranukumbolo, a mystical lake on a camp site on the way to reach the top of mount Semeru, the highest mountain in Java, Indonesia.



I call it mystical because so far everybody that I know whose ever been there always want to come back, including me (regardless the effort how to get there).

5 AM in the morning. I could still remember the cold breeze that seeped into my tent. And when I opened my tent, the view was just breathtaking.



The perfection of the reflection from the lake is majestic. I finally spent an hour just standing staring and listening to the sounds of nature as they cast some spell on me.

Not far from the lake behind the camp site, there was a (not so) small hill called Tanjakan Cinta. The urban legend says whoever could walk this through without looking back will get their happy ending love story.
Almost thought to skip this one since I didn’t really fancy the name n how it’s called, but then again let’s come to our senses. I didn’t walk all the way up here n skip the possibility to view another beauty of nature. So I finally walked this hill without looking back till I reached the top and this is what I see and what I get. It was another worthwhile view.



Just when I thought I was a person who forgets easily, I found it hard to move on from this experience. I tend to reliving this moment every now and then.
—-  —- —-
PS. As a fashion editor, I can’t help to still elaborate some style so I chose to wear turban instead of beanies, sweater with elbow patch, track pants with thermal fleece, and put on some gloves because it was quite cold. Not bad, eh?!


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