Welcome to the Operahuset

One winter morning, I decided that it would be a great idea to walk around Oslo by foot. It would be terrific actually if I hadn’t just rode the train for  m ore than 8 hours to get there the night before. And also, it was freezing going down to -30 celcius. So there I was, wrapped in triple layer of sweaters, double layer pants, a coat, shawl, beanie, and gloves. I looked hideous yet I don’t want to miss the chance of walking around Oslo when no one is around. 

After walking for the past 2 hours and I got a brunch thing to do, I decided to go back to the hotel that I’m staying (Thon Hotel) located conveniently adjacent to the Oslo Sentrum train station. Silly me, when I didn’t realize that one of Norway’s landmark is just right there across the hotel. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at the beautiful building sitting there by the fjord.

It is the Operahuset also known as the Opera House that caught my eye. The building is so different from others I’ve seen through my short time in the country. This one got a definite touch of modern architecture, and finished off with slabs after slabs of white Italian marble. I guess it’s a bit less Nordic but it’s still great. It is also the largest building in Norway since the construction of the Nidarosdomenin circa 1300. What makes me adore this place is because it has this huge area, namely the roof, that can be walked on. Visitors can manage to get a 360 panoramic view of the city. Another thing, since this opera house is also the place to study about music, ballet, and theater, don’t be amazed when there are a fleet of children walking with their musical instruments. It’s just a joyful thing to see. 

The building is also complimented by a huge sculpture permanently installed floating right there in the Oslo Fjord. The sculpture is called She Lies and created by Monica Bonvicini. Such a beautiful piece that can turn in its own axis under the influence of tides and wind. It creates magical plays of light due to reflective and transparent surface. Unfortunately, due to the cold winter, the waters is covered with ice. But nonetheless, it is still magical. 

She Lies by Monica Bonvicini


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