A Day At The Beach

Whenever I got a chance to escape the big city, I grab that chance instantly. No matter just for a night or a long weekend, but I’m there. Just pack my weekender bag and I’m all set. A great way to recuperate and be ready to be in the ‘jungle’ once more.

So, people here (in Jakarta) would probably best known for going to Singapore for the weekends. But now, there’s like this new breed of travelers that roam the many islands in Indonesia. As for me, I go where ever the wind blows. Such a cliche, I know. But, the thing is I’m not a good planner of any means. I guess that’s pretty much the thing when one is a dreamer. So, as long it’s available, then I’ll go for it (and I meant it in a good way).

One of my day dreaming actually brought me back to my hometown in Padang. The birthplace of my grandma. But, I’m not too keen on going to the same old places. And, I ended up at a small private island called Cubadak which is managed by this Italian couple (Nani & his wife) who has been living there for 20+ years. The island has its own dock, bungalows, and common area.

The stay was really pleasant. All of the bungalows has a decent distance between ’em, ensuring privacy and good rest. The backyard is the mountain & somewhat jungle, and the front yard is the beach. The sea is not too deep with clear waters, such a good spot for snorkeling. A few kayak is also available, and it’s nice to do in the morning. Once the sun is about to set, I opted to just sit back and enjoy the view. The sky is all pinkish with a bit of orange. The perfect setting to drink my cocktails.

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