Locks Of Love

A walk in Seoul can never be ordinary. That day I went to visit Seoul N Tower (also known as the YTN Tower or Namsan Tower, located in central Seoul way up in the Namsan mountain). It’s just one of those place that somehow is totally different from the rest of the city. Since it’s trying to be pollution free, only assigned vehicle are allowed to go up the mountain and for others have to be parked in designated areas.

The tower is not only a tower. It has many things to offer. Many locals actually love to walk for a bit of exercise during that lunch break. And for many tourists, aside from going to the observatory deck there is also the Teddy Bear Museum.

But one thing that catches my eyes is the Love Locks located along the fence surrounding the terrace. As the story goes, the history for this one goes back to the World War II era in Serbia, as a symbol and hope for eternal love. Yet, it can widely seen in many countries around the world.

The fence there are filled with padlocks in varied sizes. I managed to eye the biggest one, and I think it’s bigger than my head. For the others, it’s simply just regular padlock in different forms. The place is also equipped with a giant heart containing tons of padlocks (I’m guessing hundreds of them). Also, some couple’s chair.

16 % of youngsters in Seoul consider hanging padlocks on the tower’s fence as their favorite activity

So, are you going to try it???

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