A Night In Sydney

A while back I decided to go to Sydney during christmas holiday. A huge Bondi Rescue fan that I am, I was so eager to go to Bondi and meet the boys in blue. But the silly things is that I don’t have a carefully lay out plan for this trip. The day trip to Bondi is not that successful. The weather was a bit grey. A bit of a thunder storm is already on the horizon. So, I have to cut it short. Yet when I’m back to my hotel, just oh so suddenly that the sun shines with clear blue skies and all that.

After all that, I’m a bit worn out. I thought to myself, maybe just maybe I should give Bondi a chance the next day. But I’m stranded in my hotel with nothing to do that one afternoon. So, I decided to put on my girlie dress and stroll the streets to Darling Harbor.

Looking here and there, I ended up in one of the cruise ticket booths. And right there, I have this crazy idea to go on the next available cruise possible. I managed to snag ticket for a cocktail departing not too long after.

There I was hopping on the cruise with a bunch of people. Grabbed my cocktail from the bar (OK OK. When I say cocktail, I meant beer) and of course my cheese and crackers. Everybody is chatting and mingling. And suddenly..BOOM….the sun sets. The sky is turned somewhat pinkish/orange-ish…CRAZ-YYYY.  The sunset plays beautifully as the background for the bridge. (ohh just to avert any misunderstandings, I’m talking about the Anzac Bridge)

Nothing can beat the view that I witnessed. And it sure is a great remedy after the whole Bondi debacle. But let me assure you that after all that I still went to Bondi the next day and had a blast there.


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