A Sweet Solace

Remember the movie Serendipity (played by John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale)? It is one of the most favored chick flick during the early 2000s. Every girl wanted to be Kate and meeting a very special someone like John. The story revolves around serendipitous events. And in one of the scene, they are reunited in an establishment called Serendipity 3. So according to the story, the coffee shop boutique is located in New York. But now, many cities across the US housed the café.

Not solely because of the movie that this café got its stardom. Since its early beginnings in 1954, the café is favorites among celebs. One that is most famous for it is Andy Warhol (the pop art inventor). The story goes that he hangs out there a lot and pays his food with paintings (Ain’t that superb?). The place is also known to be the first ever coffee shop boutique in the Big Apple.

During my stay a while back, I came across Serendipity 3 in Las Vegas. Located in the oh-so grand Cesar Palace. Trying to seek refuge from the blistering sun and also keeping myself from being dehydrated after walking back and forward along the strip. The café is decorated in bright pink colors with mismatched items, all making it more and more desirable.

Of course there is only one thing that must be ordered. The irresistible Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Served in a huge bowl like glass with a huge dose of whipped cream. I know that I got a sweet tooth, yet it took me a long time to finish it due to the enormous portion. And to complete things, I also had a bite (or maybe 20) of their Chocolate Blackout Cake. Trust me when I say this is a sweet solace for those with a love affair for desserts.

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