Provence En Corée

I don’t know whether it is a hidden gem or not? But when I was there, not many tourists are around. Which actually a good thing, after 4 days of full touristy activities in the whole of Seoul. OK, so the place I’m talking about is Provence. (Yes you read it right, there is Provence in Korea people) This particular visit is actually not in my itinerary, it is just something that one of my friend suggested since I’m a bit too overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of a city.

So, we hopped on a bus and BAM we arrived in a place somewhat like being in Europe. And there I was in awed with the sceneries.

We were welcomed with buildings painted in pastels. Flowers are grown by the side walk and in small gardens here and there. Provence also homes many little shops selling everything starting from books to toys to clothes to furniture. The thing that surprised me is that most of the furniture available is in the shabby chic categories and carefully made from wood.

Since I visited in the summer, the sun shines oh so brightly. Yet there are a few chilly breeze every now and then. But no need to worry about the weather though. If it gets too hot, just indulge yourself with a cone of ice cream or a cup of bubble tea (at least that’s what I did).

don’t be surprised, this is the toilet 🙂

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