Berry Happy Family

Tropical fruits are one of the reasons that I am grateful about living in Indonesia. When I was living in Canada, the only thing I craved for was fresh gigantic coconuts and dark yellow supersweet mangoes that come in 3 different varieties here.

But, that being said, I also grew fond of berries, especially after I discovered the “real” berries, the ones grown in 4-season country soils. They’re plumpier, much much sweeter, soooo big, shiny, and almost unreal.

So I was happy to find these boxes of mixed berries as I was browsing through Havelská Market. (Havelské Tržište) Squeezed in one of the wider alleys of Prague’s Old Town, it offered relatively cheaper souvenirs with the same or sometimes even better quality than other places in town. But, I’d rather munch on these berries than picking out fridge magnets and snow globes.

I mean, look at these strawberries! Don’t you just wanna dip them in some good plain yoghurt? (Okay that’s just my inner runway model speaking. What I really wanted was to dip them in chocolate fondue. Heaven!)

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