A Bit Of England

It’s funny how you can be in 2 place at once (I know that it’s not possible in the real world!!). But, surely it didn’t stop me from feeling like being in London although I’m in Korea. Yes you read it right! There’s a bit of England just outside Seoul.

Arriving in the Gyeonggi Do English Village was like being transported to a movie set for Harry Potter. Checking in at the immigration (yes, there’s an actual immigration booths at the front building) and greeted by several people speaking with a british accent. They gave me a Gyeonggi Do passport as well.

OK I need to be honest here. This is not a theme park of any kind, this is actually an English Learning Facility for the people of South Korea. They can take courses and be in an English Speaking environment. They got it all set up. They got the tram, the iconic red phone booth, and even the pub.

Going to the Town Hall

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