Some Egg Shells, Paint, & Lacquer

A little rain surely will not stop my feet to explore a city. That’s actually what happened during my trip in Hanoi. A bit of typhoon in the open sea, managed to drench Hanoi with heavy showers. And as for me, I was confused what to do during that rainy day.

With a bit of guidance, I took my umbrella and my rain boots and start my not so short walk to a small handicrafts shop in the Old Quarter. Said to be owned by a family who loves to do lacquer painting coming from the suburbs of Hanoi.

At first, I don’t know what is up with all the fuss about this type of painting. But then, I was in awed. The greeter in the shop asked me to join her to tour the facility. I went down 3 floors to the workshop. Many people are doing their business. One is tracing a drawing on to a wooden plank. Another is glueing some egg shells. I saw one in the corner applying the lacquer. And some are giving the painting some colors.

Wow, it’s such hard work. They said that it took around 3 months to make a painting. Yet they still sell it in affordable price. The varieties are also amazing. Some are even covered in mother of pearls. After a few hours, I managed to made up my mind and get some pictures of Vietnamese village life. But, there are also some Gaudi-esque type of drawing available. Many are multi colored, yet the black & whites are also up for grabs. Not only that, they also have a range of house decor using bamboo and egg shells.

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