Solitary Seoul

I have always thought of Seoul as Tokyo’s less crazier little sister. When I first went there, I was ready to compare Gangnam and Harajuku and be proven wrong. But unfortunately I didn’t have enough time on my hands (I’m starting to think maybe I should copyright that expression). So before my flight to Busan, I decided to walk a little further from my tiny hotel, Best Western New Seoul, which was located nicely at the heart of Seoul Central Business District.

I have to say, strolling by the Cheonggyecheon River that went through the city was my most pleasant experience in Asia. Not even the squeaky clean Singapore could beat it. And I promise you It’s not because of the fact that along the river you could get free wifi connections. I guess I’m just a classic case of a city girl craving for a daily dose of nature. The river was perfect.

That day the sun was shy and it drizzled. But I had no problem with that at all. I’m not sure how many kilometers I covered (probably just one or two), but I walked in a medium pace for about one and a half hour. It was a weekday so almost everyone was in suits, which reminded me, a day earlier a tour guide said that suicide rate in the South Korean white collar class was quite high. Like the Japanese, South Koreans put so much of their life into work that it became the main source of stress and destitution.

So I was surprised that even in a buzzing city like Seoul, you could actually find moments of solitary, away from the explosion of sounds and colours that is K-POP. It really was a beautiful city.

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