Bangkok, The Most Instagenic City

Did I just invent a word? I don’t know, but I think Instagenic was one of the appropriate terms to describe Bangkok.


Thanks to my early fascination of Flickr and all kinds of trippy post-process effect (lomo, holga, x-pro, you name it) years ago, I’m not much of an Instagramer. When everyone went trigger happy with Instagram, I was probably the only one who wasn’t. I mean, it’s just another medium to share photos, what’s the fuss?

Later on I learned that taking Instagram photos required a different mindset (or is it just me?). Not everything looks good on a saturated (or desaturated) square frame. Complicated street scenes certainly don’t. This presented me with a challenge that I didn’t take until I went to Bangkok. After spending a few days running around the city, I was browsing through my iPhone photos. I started fiddling with Instagram and all of a sudden I was trigger happy with the Toaster filter. Bangkok colours looked damn psychadelic with that specific effect that I don’t think any other city would ever achieve the same result. Jakarta, psychadelic? I don’t think so.



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