A Bit Of Something From The Ice Age

A visit to Switzerland is always something that I look for whenever I have the chance. It is one of the top destinations in Europe especially if you have a thing for nature. Not only have mountains as their must visit place, but also home of the biggest waterfall in Europe. Just a heads up, this waterfall called Rhine Falls is said to be formed during the last ice age. So, I guess I kinda feel a different vibe when I was there.

OK back to the falls. This waterfall is located in the Rhine area, not too far from Zurich. Like me, you can take the train from Zurich Hauptbanh and go straight to Rhine with a few quick stop. When I got there, I hopped off my train and feeling a bit confused. Where is this waterfall people have been talking about. Because all I see was an old building and a park area filled with flowers. I thought I got off at the wrong station. But then I started to see people soaking wet and a lot of them are wearing raincoat. At that moment I was pretty sure that I was at the right spot.

I bet you are wondering how to get to the fall, right??? There’s a path way that leads to the river. For those brave ones, a boat is ready to take you (and me) to go on a round trip and gets you up close & personal with the falls. Be sure to bring your raincoat, because there’s a 100% chance that you will be wet. A change of clothes will also be nice, because it could get chilly. Another way is to trek your way through the path. But it won’t get you as close. It is recommended that you come to Rhine Falls during spring and summer. Otherwise the weather will not be all friendly 🙂

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