Anomaly Weekend Habitual

Going to the mall is never my favourite thing to do on weekend. But one thing I know, there was this one place called Siam Center in Bangkok,Thailand, that has changed my whole perspective.


A mixture of art and splendid style of fashion stores that simply makes you stay for all day long at this ‘so called’ mall. It has bits and pieces of artsy decorative corner.


I feel inspired instantly, and fortunately not inspired instantly enough to blown off all my budget on a shopping spree although I must admit I got tempted so many times looking at all those fashion forward silhouette and excellently super creative window display. It’s like every one of them whispering they should be the “IT” item for this season.




The price is vary. For the retail kind of store, you can get some good fashion items around  1000 – 5000 baht, although you must not expect anything lower than 10000  baht for the designer stuff. But for the sake of their uniqueness and cutting edge design that you won’t see it anywhere else, I would say it’s worth it.

For this kind of mall, I dare you to drag me down here on any day and I will NEVER SAY NO.

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