Lounging on a Lakeview Terrace

It may not be the biggest, but Danau Linow is definitely the most beautiful lake in North Sulawesi (Celebes). Like any other volcanic lakes, the high sulfur content gives you a slightly stinky smell once you enter the area. But, what makes the lake so special is that it shows 3 different colors, which, depends on the point of view and the weather, may not always be so obvious.

Having been to so many different lakes around Indonesia, Danau Linow is definitely my favorite. Why? Because there is a little cafe by the lake owned by a local family with an obviously good taste. Instead of putting tacky colorful plastic chairs, they set up little wooden benches and tables for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and some local delicacies (both a complimentary from the small entrance fee). Located in Tomahon, only 45-minute ride from Manado city, Danau Linow should definitely be on your must-visit list in Sulawesi.

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