Dance Baby Dance

A night is never like any other night. Especially what I experienced just now at dinner. It started off as a quiet evening. But, it finished with a bang.

A guy enter a room with some heavy looking dancing attire. He smiled and started spinning around. He moves so fast, I could barely keep track.

He keeps spinning and spinning while also doing some tricks with 8 lid looking bamboo weave of some sorts. 3 in each hand and 2 covering his face. It was somehow weird yet exciting.

He then drop it all to the floor and starts to play around with 2 scarfs. Lastly, his clothes are colorful. Lights are on. He keeps spinning and the skirt became 2. How is that even possible. Now 2 skirts are shining brightly.

It was such an out of this world thing. With Turkish folk music playing in the background. Everybody got off their seats and start giving standing ovations. Ooo and all of these happened in Jakarta although it feels like I was transported to Turkey.




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