Being Heidi For A Day

Imagine yourself being on the Swiss Alps. A land filled with greens, herds of cow, blossoming flowers, and wood houses. I guess for some reasons those things always reminds me of an old movie I used to watch when I was younger. Will I ever experienced it?? I sure do.

On a fine summer day, I managed to get my ass out of bed and hop on the next available ferry to Buergenstock. It really is so easy. The port happened to be just 10 steps away from where I was staying. It took me around 15 minutes to the place. And after that, a vertical train ride up to the top.

Once I got off the train, I was in awe. The view was spectacular (Geez, I never used that word before). I’m suddenly transported back to the good old days. Thank God for my trusty mobile (Silly me, forgetting my digicam), I can snaps a few photos. Up there, they have a hotel that is filled with local tourist. You know, for a day in the woods or simply to soaked up the sun. But, what interests me is the old Chalet. Yes people, a chalet. I thought they don’t have it anymore. But they do!!!! Yeehaaa, now I really feel like Heidi.

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