Boat Houses

The sound of ships going in to the port in the morning is always exciting. The sights keep changing from oil ships, fish boats, and cruises. One of the many perks of being in Bergen (Norway). The city that has been long known as the shipping capital of Norway.

Back in the days, Bergen is filled with traders flocking in from other European countries. Most of them stayed in what you might know as Bryggen. Obviously translated into boat houses. Located only a few feet from the port, surely it became heavily populated.

The houses are made out of wood. Usually can go up to 3 story high. On the bottom will be somewhat the reception area, the 2nd is the common room including dining room, and on the top is the living quarters. All of the houses are painted in different colors. As time passes, the function of the houses changes. Now the bryggen houses shops, bar, restaurants, and even a mini market. Unfortunately due to the constructions, its being tilted to one side (just like the Pisa). They are trying to keep it by putting some wood beams at one end to hold it together.

If you happened to be in Bergen during the winter, there’s nothing much going on in front of the bryggen. But wait until the summer time. Since they have the sun shining till midnight, the favors are in your hand. Many bars and cafes will have seating areas in the front. You will be able to soaked up the sun and also admiring the view.

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