My Kind Of Coffee Shop

20130705-112811 PM.jpg

Whenever I’m in Singapore, I always found myself on a culinary journey. What more could I ask for, this country is somewhat the culinary hub for the region. Making food easily accessible, ranging from hawker to fine dining joint.

For Singaporean, they always enjoy either breakfast or after office hour at a coffee shop. Mostly locals and have been there for ages. According to a local foodie, one of the most visited coffee spot is the Ya Kun Kaya at Lau Pa Sat.

Ya Kun like any other kopitiam, offers kaya toast, soft boiled eggs, and a particular coffee concotion. My favorite is Yuan Yang. A lethal combo of coffee, tea, and condensed milk. All made to order by the old man & old lady who can do it in a flash. Price wise, definitely on the low side. But as for quality and service, no compromise what so ever. Surely, my kind of coffee shop.

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