Jakarta’s Best Views

Oh how nice it is to live in the clouds. Especially when the only thing that the ground offers is crazy frustrating gridlocks, thanks to millions of motorcylcists sprawling in the city.

Luckily, there are 2 places where the people of Jakarta can be a little less miserable.

My first choice is the Sky Dining on the 10th floor of Plaza Semanggi. The area provides decent cafés and restaurants with a relatively casual atmosphere. Perfect place for after hour hangout.


The second one is Skye, a hip new club atop Menara BCA – Grand Indonesia East Mall on the 56th floor. Food and beverages are overpriced and the hostess slash bouncer can actually deny you entry if you don’t dress to their standard (no sandals, no sneakers, etc). Perfect place if you wanna mingle with expats and socialites.


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