It’s Porky Time!

Despite being a country of Muslim majority, Indonesia has quite a few pork dishes that are too good to miss. Manado in North Sulawesi has the delicious but spicy babi rica (pork with tangy oily chili) and the sweet babi kecap (pork with sweet soy sauce). Bali also has nasi campur (mix rice) with all kinds of pork (roasted, stewed, skewered, souped, you name it) that is served all over the island,  even approved by Anthony Bourdain as one of the best pork dishes in the world.

Earlier this year I got to try one of the local pork dishes in Medan, North Sumatera. Having a Javanese palate that favors sweet, I had my reserve. But to my surprise, saksang (pork stew) is actually sweet and and similar to rawon (Javanese beef stew) but with thicker soup. Like most Indonesian dishes, saksang is served with white rice at many lapo (Bataknese restaurant) all over North Sumatera.

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