My Kind Of Market

Don’t you just love going to a food market every now and then? I sure DO. But it’s not so easy to find a good food market right here in my hometown. Most of them are wet markets with no clear borders to divide the sections. You can easily spot some poultry in the vegetable aisle, and sometimes fish in the dry food section.

But this one is different. I found the perfect market way up north. Like way up in Norway that is. The place is called Mathallen Oslo a.k.a Oslo Food Hall. Just opened last summer in 2012. It’s like a heavenly place for all of you foodies.

The place is in an old warehouse. Refurbished to look ultra sleek and modern. Selling everything you could’ve think off. Starting from seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, freshly baked breads, and cheese. Cheese people, cheese. And lots of it. You can pick any that you like, wether good old parmesan until artisan cheese made locally and organically. It’s somehow so heavenly. Not only that, you can buy also eat, drink, and chill out with a cuppa joe or even a hefty portion of pie. For those of you beer lovers, this place will surely get you groove one. One stall selling 200 micro brewery type of beers at your service. You got that right, 200 kinds!! What more can i say, you gotta see it to love it.


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