Welcome Drink In Hanoi

Don’t you just love coffee? I surely do. Nothing in particular, since I’m no aficionado. But, I do appreciate a good cuppa anytime.

For my last trip, I flew to Hanoi. In this city. I guess nothing is more welcoming than a cup of java. No wonder I managed to chugged down more coffee than I usually drink in a year. Vietnamese coffee is for me milder in taste. No acidity what so ever. The perfect flavors to make a lethal caffeine concoction.

One of my favorite is the Ca Phe Sua Chua a.k.a Coffee With Yogurt. The yogurt is still homemade and had a slightly sweet taste to it. Yet the coffee is brewed traditionally although still a bit thick like espresso. Topped it all off with some ice cubes and condensed milk. And, hell yeahhh…you’re in heaven. Who would’ve thought that yogurt & coffee are good match.


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