Theatrical Hanoi

This morning I was looking at hundreds of pictures that I took in Vietnam. Among many photos of the great limestones in Ha Long Bay and the delicious Bún chả (grilled pork and rice noodle) that we never seemed to get bored of, I found this one. A little morning scene in the charming Old Hanoi.

Everything in this shot is why I love Hanoi. If you look patiently enough, every corner would turn into a scene or a drama. In this one, it is as if the green double door and the bird cages were set up to provide a classic backdrop for the idle conversation between the ladies.

After walking around a little while and craving for Bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich) for breakfast, I found myself back in this street and saw there was a game going on. The lady didn’t seem too happy that I took her picture. But I gave her my best smile and she returned to her game.


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