To The Pier We Go!!

It’s the ultimate city…the city that I’ve left my heart at. Surely many people will agree that we just love San Francisco. The city by the bay that has many knick-knacks. It can be Union Square in downtown, Little Italy, China Town, or Japan Town. But, my favorite has to be the Pier. Pier 39 to be exact.

I can smell the ocean when I’m standing in this waterfront complex. Catching the breeze while watching the Sea Lions by the K-Dock. Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz are all in sight. So stunning that somehow it’s magical!

Since I’m a ‘kid’, one thing that always get me is the San Francisco Carousel. Handcrafted in Italy with so many intricate details. With some classic carnie tunes in the background. It sure completes my day.


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