The Carrot Cake Man

One of my greatest pleasure whenever I travel to Singapore is definitely their street food or hawkers as they called it. I was lucky enough to have KF Seetoh (founder of MakanSutra) to guide me through several hawker centers there. One of the most visited is the Bukit Timah Food Center.

The highlight of this center is surely the Carrot Cake. A favorite munchies for locals and tourist. Eaten for breakfast or in the afternoon. In particular the He Zhong Carrot Cake stall. Carrot cake by any means doesn’t use any carrots. But it’s made of steamed daikon cake that is later cut into small cubes. Fried in large pan with some preserved daikon (chye pom) and fish sauce. Once it’s ready, eggs are added (it goes up to 30 eggs per pan). The omelet looking cake are then cut into portions and served with some sambal. You can definitely smell the pungent smell of the radish. Yet, once you eat it, it’s so mild.

The Carrot Cake Man is now the second generation of hawkers. His dad actually created the dish. Although you can find many versions of this food but still the original one is the omelet version.



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