Indulging On Some Norwegian Salmon

I was lucky that a while back I got a chance to visit Norway. The first city I went to was Stavanger, known to others as the Oil City and now the Culinary Hub of Norway. Of course, a trip to Norway is not a trip when salmon is not involved.

Shortly after arriving, I found myself at the Gastronomisk Institutt. A private culinary center dedicated for a broad research in creating new recipes, new food products, and the handling of all things Nordic cuisine. Surely focusing on their local produce, mainly seafood.

I’ve found great joy when being introduced to one of their house chef, Stig Fagelhort. He managed to provide a complete take on all things salmon. Once i saw how huge the salmon with its peach colored fresh, I suddenly feel like being in the fjords. The salmon is so fresh, the room is somehow filled with the smell of the seas. 

Chef Stig then carefully cut the fish. So it began. Salmon sushi with hot sesame infused oil, gravalaks, spekelaks, up to salmon cubes with sushi rice ice cream. It’s like I’m in a salmon trance. All is done so beautifully and deliciously. I could stuff my face with the dishes and not complain one bit. What more can i say, it’s pure indulgence. More so, i chugged it all down with a traditional Norway apple juice that balance the whole experience.




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